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Safety First

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Nautilus Dive Tech takes the quality of the gas we are using seriously.  In addition to our quarterly analysis through Trace Analytics, we now offer our customers spot checks for carbon monoxide using the Analox EII CO Analyzer.  This simple to use hand held device allows divers to sample the gas from their tank to ensure its safety regarding carbon monoxide.  Carbon monoxide poisoning is an extremely rare but unforgiving hazard for divers.  It can be the result from a compressor intake pulling polluted air, incomplete combustion of hydro carbons, flasing in delivery lines, or pour filter mainetenance.  CO readily combines with hemoglobin in the blood stream.  This process interferes with the bodies oxygen delivery system.  As the CO levels rise the oxygen levels drop.  With sufficent exposure and ambient pressure the effects of CO poisoning can result in anoxia.  The heart, brain, and central nervouse system tissues are effected first.

Grade E gas:  10 ppm of CO (toxic at 5 ATA)

Nautilus Dive Tech: 2 ppm or less of CO

Highest breathing gas standard in the world!!


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