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Nautilus CCR-Europe

Thursday, January 28th, 2010
European Union

European Union



The European Union mandates that a rebreather must hold CE certification in order for a dive center to carry it.  At this time the Nautilus CCR does not hold a CE certification.  It is not the only CCR in this circumstance.

Team Nautilus believes that dive retailers play an essential role in the health and stability of the industry.  They have the capacity to offer their customers valuable information, quality service, top-notch instruction, and the support to keep people diving. Unfortunately, the European market cannot benefit from the service of a Nautilus dealer at this time. 

In order to service the European community, Team Nautilus will act in place of the dive retailer.  European customers are able to buy product, parts, and service factory/distributor direct.  The retail price structure of $7,485.00 USD will remain in place.

Although the European market will receive the best customer service possible by dealing direct, they will incur more shipping costs and experience slightly longer delays in the delivery of spare parts since they will not be on a shelf down the street or in a neighboring country.

In order to compensate the European market for this unfortunate inconvenience, Team Nautilus will issue a $1,200.00 USD credit that European customers can use towards future expenses of parts, service, or shipping costs associated with the Nautilus CCR.

We appreciate the European market and hope to increase our presence in the region.

Information regarding Nautilus training is Europe can be found at