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Nautilus Closed Circuit Rebreather DEMA 2009

Friday, November 20th, 2009
Casey Omholt and Ed Betts at DEMA 2009

Casey Omholt and Ed Betts at DEMA 2009

The Nautilus Closed Circuit Rebreather was on display in the ANDI International booth at DEMA 2009, in Orlando Florida.  We had two units at the show.  One stripped down version was on the display in the showcase pictured above, and the other was positioned on a turntable else where in the booth.

ANDI International continued to illustrate their commitment to closed circuit technology and closed circuit education.  Attendees were able to view multiple CCR units at the ANDI booth.  Each unit on display had staff ready and able to field questions from the floor.

One goal of DEMA 2009 was to aide in the dissemination of rebreather information.  We realize it is difficult for  dive retailers or end users to sort through the varying design theories, manufacturing processes, features, benefits, and pricing structures that the current CCR market affords.

Team Nautilus would like to thank those members of the diving community that took the time to learn more about our product and new dealer platform.

Additional dealer inquiries should be directed to


ANDI Instructor Work Shop in Cabo

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

In October 2009, ANDI International joined Team Nautilus for a training work shop in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The group included representatives from ANDI HQ in New York,  ANDI Europe, and ANDI Latin America.


Rain, Wind, or Shine-The ANDI Guys Keep Working

During the course of the trip we were able to exchange ideas with some of the top diving professionals in the world.  The group reviewed the new ANDI/Nautilus CCR training prgram that is slated for release in November, worked on expanding the Nautilus Instructor base, and began to discuss plans for 2010.


Eduardo and Ed Going Through the Check Lists


Blowing No Bubbles


ANDI International Group Photo in Cabo San Lucas

Mid way through the work shop we were faced with preparing for Hurricane Rick to hit the Baja Penninsula.  Although it turned east before making landfall, it still impacted the waters of Los Cabos.  Despite the inclimate weather, the group pushed ahead, adapting to the situation.


OW Dives with the Nautilus Closed Circuit Rebreather

Although the diving conditions were not excellent, we still enjoyed sharing our little corner of the planet and are looking forward to our next time together.


The ANDI Group at El Arco

We would like to thank all the guys from ANDI International for a great trip!

Ed Betts:     ANDI Executive Director

Helmuth Biechl:      ANDI Instructor Training Director

Eduardo Febres:    ANDI Instructor Trainer

Ian Cope:     ANDI Instructor Trainer

Ed Baktis:     ANDI Safety Diver